When living in Denver, Colorado, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to snow and the winter season that brings snow. Denver has a rule and guidelines that residences should follow when it comes to snow and the impact it has in the Denver area. The rule that most will talk about is the removal of snow within 24 hours of the last accumulation of snow, meaning as soon as it stops snowing you have 24 hours to remove snow (Oravetz, 2021). Some places around Denver will have a fee if you do not comply with the snow removal rule (Oravetz, 2021). The main concern is getting the roads and walkways safe again for travel. Denver has a goal of “improving the safety and mobility of our transportation system,” and that should be everyone’s goal (Denver, 2021).

            Snow removal in Denver is tedious work with “approximately 2,050 lane miles of main streets, or most streets with stripes, utilizing a fleet of 70 large plows,” can still be difficult to get every street (Denver, 2021). It is recommended that you or a company you hire to help remove the snow as fast as possible to provide safety to those in the area and passing through. There are local snow removal companies that specialize in snow removal in residential or commercial areas. One such local company, Front Range Snow Removal, is not only locally in the front range area but also able to help plow commercial areas such as businesses and parking lots. It pays to know have someone to help with snow removal if it means the safety of those around you.


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