Snow is coming to the Colorado Front Range! However, your business can be prepared for the snow and the removal to come by putting a snow removal company on retainer. Putting a snow removal company, Front Range Snow Removal, on retainer is much like it sounds. You pay up front for services for the season. There is an average of 53.8 inches of snow in Denver, Colorado (Current Results Weather and Science facts, 2021). With the average snow fall being about 4.5 feet there is a need for snow removal. Multiple snowstorms can add up over time, but why would you want to worry about the possibility of having the snowstorms and not being able to have someone already coming to remove the snow? Having snow removal on retainer can be the best thing you can do for your business; it means that you will have the removal during snowstorms! The best part about a retainer is that it is going to be a set price up front. The only way that it would change is if services changed, or if the client and company have another agreement. Knowing that your business is having snow removal during a snowstorm can make all the difference for any business. It gives you a piece of mind knowing that it is one thing off your list during a snow day.


Current Results Weather and Science facts. (2021). Average Annual Snowfall in Colorado.

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